Zipstream, Comporium’s Gigabit Broadband Service, Now Available in 75 Fort Mill, S.C., Fiber Neighborhoods; Currently Being Deployed in Rock Hill

Comporium announced today that its most recent phase of deploying Zipstream, its gigabit broadband service, is complete. Zipstream is now available to residents of 75 fiber-to-the-home neighborhoods in Fort Mill and the panhandle area of Lancaster County, South Carolina, with numerous customer orders rolling in. […]

Speed kills — Internet inefficiency - High-speed service accelerates the movement of large business files

In Rock Hill’s revitalizing downtown, graphic designers at marketing firm Revenflo used to wait as long as a full workday for large video and photography files to download. The waiting crimped production schedules when a programmer needed the files to meet a deadline. No more. A year ago, Jason Broadwater’s marketing firm became one of the first small businesses in the region to connect to gigabit service, a blistering-fast Internet connection that can download those same files in a fraction of the time. […]

Comporium to launch Zipstream in 125 Fiber Neighborhoods

Comporium announced today that it will begin to deliver its gigabit Internet service known as Zipstream to 125 fiber-to-the-premises neighborhoods in York and Lancaster counties. […]

Comporium Expands Zipstream to Five Area Business Parks

Businesses in five local business parks will soon enjoy the availability of Comporium’s new gigabit broadband service, known as Zipstream, according to Matthew Dosch, executive vice president – customer operations and external affairs. […]

Introducing Zipstream

Zipstream Gigabit Internet Service Goes Live in Rock Hill

Awash in the glow of blue and green flood lights and a giant projected Zipstream logo on the side of the downtown building that houses the Technology Incubator and The Hive, Comporium’s Zipstream officially lit up the first community in South Carolina to enjoy gigabit broadband service Friday. […]

Comporium and ADTRAN Turn Historic South Carolina Textile Town into a World-Class Gigabit Community

ADTRAN®, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN), a leading provider of next- generation networking solutions, today announced as part of its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program, that Comporium will leverage ADTRAN’s broadband portfolio to deliver Gigabit service to the community of Rock Hill, South Carolina as the town looks to reinvent itself to keep up with the changing economy. An economic development and urban strategy – known as Knowledge Park – is currently being implemented by Comporium, the City of Rock Hill, Winthrop University and other community partners to transform the city’s historical center into a vibrant hub of entrepreneurial activity and “knowledge economy” jobs. Comporium is providing a critical catalyst for the effort by upgrading its network infrastructure with ADTRAN solutions to deliver ultra-fast broadband services for new and existing business customers. This world-class broadband network will enable significant economic growth as businesses relocate to one of the only Gigabit communities in the region. […]

Comporium Zipstream Press Conference

Comporium Announces Zipstream, Ultra-fast Internet Service for Knowledge Park

This morning Comporium announced that it has begun the design of a new, state-of-the-art fiber-optic network that will provide ultra-fast internet service to Rock Hill’s “Knowledge Park.” […]

Winthrop’s Comstock Says ‘Zipstream’ to help Attract, Engage Students and Faculty

This morning Comporium announced that it has begun the design of a new, state-of-the-art fiber-optic network that will provide ultra-fast internet service to Rock Hill’s “Knowledge Park.” […]

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