Zipstream Gigabit Internet Service Goes Live in Rock Hill

Technology Incubator, the Hive Enjoy Comporium’s Super Fast Internet Speed

ROCK HILL, S.C. – (June 12, 2014) Awash in the glow of blue and green flood lights and a giant projected Zipstream logo on the side of the downtown building that houses the Technology Incubator and The Hive, Comporium’s Zipstream officially lit up the first community in South Carolina to enjoy gigabit broadband service Friday.

“We are lighting up our ultra-fast Internet service via a state-of-the-art network as promised when we announced our plans several months ago,” said Comporium’s Matthew Dosch, executive vice president of customer operations and external affairs. “Because of the intensive use of broadband by the Technology Incubator and the Hive, they were the first to be connected, but our sales team is contacting downtown businesses right now to sign up any that are interested.”

Comporium offers both upload and download speeds of 1 Gbps, which is nearly 85 times faster than the company’s standard Internet service. Businesses in a variety of high-tech and information technology fields are among the most suited for the robust data network.

Comporium is working with the City of Rock Hill and its master developer, Sora-Phelps, to attract high-tech businesses to Knowledge Park, the urban business park area from the heart of downtown to Winthrop University, which is part of the Knowledge Park Leadership Forum along with York Technical College.

York Tech announced earlier this week that it was hosting “Wired Hack,” which is a special competitive event for computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers. The 24-hour Wired Hack will kick off at The Hive at 1 p.m. and will take advantage of Zipstream as the teams fire up their projects.

Opened in January of 2011, the Hive functions as a community collaboration led by York Technical College. The collaboration has so far also included Winthrop University, the City of Rock Hill, Comporium, RevenFlo, and a list of other businesses and organizations who have served as both training providers and clients.

"Technological advancements like this (Zipstream) contribute greatly to the ongoing economic development taking place in the Rock Hill area. This not only keeps our students competitive, it also makes Rock Hill an attractive location for the high-tech job industry," said York Tech President Dr. Greg Rutherford. Hive’s activities and the planned hackathon event.

“The drastically increased speed will allow our students at the Hive to be dramatically more productive,” said Thomas. “The kind of Web Application Design and Development we do there depends greatly on Internet speed.”

The Technology Incubator at Knowledge Park shares the building with the Hive and is designed to support the development and formation of technology companies in Rock Hill. Led by the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation (RHEDC), the City of Rock Hill, Winthrop University and York Technical College, the Technology Incubator operates in association with the Clemson University Technology Villages program.

The technology incubator program combines hands-on consulting support, resource identification, educational and technical assistance to improve an entrepreneur’s prospects for success and create new knowledge worker jobs.

The City of Rock Hill’s David Warner, director of the Technology Incubator (TI), said, “For us, Zipstream is a critical tool in recruiting new technology startups into the TI Center. In attracting entrepreneurs to Rock Hill, Zipstream will provide a clear competitive advantage over other communities in our region and beyond.

“Once companies are in our center, the availability of Zipstream service will allow them to perform research, download large data files, transfer information and communicate much, much faster,” Warner added. “Ultimately, through Zipstream, we will be able to boost the speed of development and launching of our technology companies, fueling the ‘entrepreneurial engine’ of economic development.”

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