Comporium Expands Zipstream to Five Area Business Parks

Technology Incubator, the Hive Enjoy Comporium’s Super Fast Internet Speed

ROCK HILL, S.C. – (July 25, 2014) Businesses in five local business parks will soon enjoy the availability of Comporium’s new gigabit broadband service, known as Zipstream, according to Matthew Dosch, executive vice president – customer operations and external affairs.

“When we announced the launch of Zipstream earlier this year for the City of Rock Hill’s Knowledge Park, we were also putting our plans in place to expand into the surrounding business clusters where fiber optics facilities existed,” said Dosch. “Businesses that need to transmit very large data files will see amazing reductions in downloading and uploading times, which is particularly helpful for services related to website and software development and 3D printing.”

Comporium is aligning equipment and resources to enable the ultra fast broadband connectivity in the following locations around Rock Hill: Waterford Business Park, Airport Industrial Park, Rock Hill Industrial, Riverwalk Business Park, and Southcross Corporate Center. According to the York County Economic Development directory, these represent nearly 50 manufacturers, distribution centers and other businesses.

Comporium’s Zipstream is almost 85 times faster than the company’s standard internet service by providing speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second. Zipstream will be available to business accounts for $299 per month. For that price, business accounts will receive additional services such as service level agreements and additional email storage space.

The company said the upgrade project began in early June and will take a couple of months to complete before bringing the business parks online. Zipstream is dependent upon a state-of-the-art network that contains the following: 1) all-fiber delivery, 2) cutting-edge network equipment, and 3) a robust path to the internet backbone that can carry significantly larger amounts of data than is carried today.

To support the fast gigabit speeds needed currently and to provide the scalability needed for future bandwidth growth, Comporium turned to ADTRAN, a global leader in next generation broadband infrastructure, and its Total Access® 5004, which is designed to deliver higher rate premium services over the fiber network. The ADTRAN portfolio leverages its advanced services architecture to offer next-generation residential and business services onto a converged infrastructure.

About Comporium

Comporium is a privately-held, diversified technology and communications company that focuses on exceeding its customers’ expectations with technologically advanced services that make customers’ lives easier. It is invested in companies that focus on data, switching, transport, storage, and intellectual property that recognizes the emerging importance of a connected world.

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